Nikki Style is a seasonal lifestyle publication produced by Nikki Beach Publishing to stylishly capture the unique group of tastemakers who patronize the Nikki Beach locations worldwide. Nikki Style reflects the lifestyles, attitudes and images of the world’s top resort communities from a contemporary perspective with striking visuals. Nikki Style bridges the gap between fantasy and reality, pairing cutting-edge editorial on art and entertainment with marquee coverage of fashion and travel to readers who indulge in the latest trends and destinations.

Parent Company

Penrod Management Group, Inc. (“PMG”) is a privately held company founded and owned by international luxury lifestyle entrepreneur Jack Penrod. In 1998 – after over 30 years in the restaurant, entertainment and hospitality industry – PMG was formed and today has an impressive portfolio of innovative and successful concepts and brands. Entities under the PMG umbrella include Nikki Beach Worldwide, which is comprised of a Beach Club Division with 12 locations across 9 countries; a Lifestyle Division (including an exclusive branding and clothing line found at the Boutiques located at all Nikki Beach locations, a music label and Nikki Style Magazine, a lifestyle publication produced by Nikki Beach Publishing); a Special Events Division and a Hotels & Resorts Division.

Nikki Style Magazine is distributed at each of our locations worldwide:

USA 50,000

GREECE 50,000

FRANCE 100,000

SPAIN 150,000


MONACO 25,000

MOROCCO 50,000



CANADA 10,000

* These numbers are based upon a pass-along rate.

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