Utterly chic and sophisticated, the quaint island of St. Barthélemy, affectionately called St. Barth, has risen to fame as one of the Caribbean’s ritziest resort destinations. From exclusive hotel accommodations and premiere shopping, to sparkling turquoise waters and rugged, sand coastlines, the beauty and appeal of this tiny island pleases every jet-set, socialite, adventurer, and naturist from around the world.
The true allure of St. Barth’s is that its charm, natural beauty, serenity, and French flavor has never been compromised despite the island’s growing celebrity. With a sophisticated and unaffected approach to relaxation, guests can languorously lounge on one of the 22 pristine white sand beaches, explore the outdoors with scuba diving or windsurfing, muse through boutiques of couture fashion, sample sensational wine at sunset, and enjoy an elegant evening of dining and dancing. The main port of Gustavia features most of the French restaurants and nightlife, where luxury yachts and ships can drop off their elegant cruisers for a night out on the town.

A duty free port, St. Barth has numerous shopping havens, and over 200 boutiques, for those coveting the latest designer creations. From beachwear to accessories, the incredible array of prestigious brands and shops on the island perfectly caters to the fashion and lifestyle of its sophisticated customer. In Gustavia, there are three main streets offering selections from Dior, Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, Hermes and Cartier, while La Vila Creole, Espace Neptune, and La Savane Commercial Center promise hours of browsing delight.

Only sized at 8 square miles, the hills and terrain of St. Barth, teamed with the beaches, Lilliputian harbors and red-roofed bungalows that dot that coastline, promise a picturesque getaway and a unique travel locale for all of come to this Caribbean destination. Nestled between Antigua and St. Thomas, St. Barth has become a popular yachting and sailing site for enthusiasts and tourists alike. Tiny planes jet daily to the little island, delivering renowned celebrities, VIP’s, and the finest array of international jetsetters for a tranquil holiday.