Discover The World’s Most Luxurious City

Everything is more extravagant, over-the-top and sparkly in Dubai. Not only does the world’s tallest building—the Burj Khalifa—dominate Dubai’s skyline, but there’s also an indoor ski resort, with 5 different slopes, located within the Mall of the Emirates. Yes, skiing and shopping within meters from each other is a reality in modern day Dubai, as well as a wide variety of watersports on the shores of the Persian Gulf. There are manmade islands—one in the shape of a palm tree, the most opulent hotels with 7-star amenities, epicurean restaurants from the top toques and over 70 shopping malls. Dubai is a stylish, sophisticated and cutting-edge city with its high-tech skyscrapers and awe-inspiring dancing water fountains. There’s also old world charm with desert excursions, wildlife encounters and handcrafted jewels at the Gold Souk. Culturally, Dubai is known for its annual film festival, emerging arts district and international concert lineup. We would call Dubai the city of the future, except it is very much of the moment.

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