Tomato, Crab
Fresh Goat Cheese and Lemon Salad
Tomato, Mozzarella, Eggplant and Parmesan
Beef or Salmon Carpaccio
Large Spring-Roll
Large Crab Spring Roll, Lobster Veloute
Endives Salad a la Fourne d'Ambert and Nuts
Smoked Salmon, Feta Cheese, Red Onions, Roquette
Marinated St. Jacuqes Shells, Crispy Fennel, Nut and Coconut Grated
Lobster Thousand Sheets and Guacamole Avocado
Ham Serrano, Toasted Tomato Bread, Melon
Caviar, Blinis and Vodka

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Lobster : Lobster, mango, roquette / Lobster, artichoke heart, half dried tomato, grapefruit, fresh shrimps
Ceasar : roasted chicken, parmesan Reggiano, roman salad, anchovy salad / Calamars grillés et marinés, magret de canard fumé, pommes de terre tièdes 150 dhs
Nikki Beach : Grilled and marinated calamari, smoked duck steaklet, tepid potatoes
Chilli con carne : Bœuf épicé en gelée, oignons et haricots rouges ……………………140 dhs
Chilli con carne : Spiced beef in gelatine, onions and kidney beans


20 pieces : Maki, california roll, sashimi saumon, nigiri, futto maki
40 pieces : Maki, california roll, sashimi saumon, nigiri, futto maki ……800 dhs
60 pieces : Maki, california roll, sashimi saumon, nigiri, futto maki, tempura maki, new roll, unagui, ebi, spiced tuna


Sautéed beef noddles
Sautéed Gambas noddles


Salmon or gambas raviolis
Lemon and lobster Tagliatelli
Cheese Tagliatelli (Comté, goat, parmesan)
Penne rigate tomato sauce, basil, half dried tomatoes
Gambas Tortiglionis Provençale style
Lobster Linguini
Vegetables linguini and roquette

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Salmon tartar, St Jacques or red Tuna (mashed potatoes, small vegetables)

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Lobster risotto
Gambas risottolive

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Whole Lobster sautéed with citrus butter
Large salmon cube (virgin and coriander)
Swordifish (virgin and coriander)
Red Tuna
Gambas plancha style
Roasted St Jacques oysters
Plate miller
Cod plancha style

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Beef filet with Setchuan pepper
Premier Lamb ribs
Roasted chicken breast, reduced juice
Cristallized duck leg
Rib steak 350 g
Our main courses have as side dishes : mashed potatoes and small crispy vegetables

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Strawberry cake
Thin apples tart, orange caramel, soft white cheese sorbet
Biscuit with chocolat melting heart, milk ice cream
Crispy with orange and dressing, banana purée and grand marnier, lemon ice cream
Red fruits triffle
Strawberry gratin with pistachios
Large macaroon, passion chocolate and mango sorbet
Strawberries and raspberries
Strawberry and Melba raspberries (vanilla ice cream and strawberry purée)
Ice cream and sorbet of the day served with season fruits
Fresh fruits salad Nikki Style
Sliced fruits, for 2 people

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